Building Environment-Friendly Homes Since 2009

Going Green with Build-1. Climate change, rising costs, and a new social conscience are all having a great impact on the way we build. At Build-1™, our core belief is to provide our clients with environment-friendly, energy efficient homes using environmentally friendly practices.

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Green Star® to play our role in building Green communities.

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Build-1™ wants to give you a comfortable and healthy home for your family. That’s the reason why we use highest green standards to give you a healthier living environment and cut down your electricity bills. Our Go Green program begins with educating our clients about the value preserving the environment and use of green practices in custom home building.

Green Home Building Practices that Benefit Future

Introducing green building practices in custom home building.

The general consensus of most home builders is that construction methods and materials that are necessary for minimizing resources and energy like Energy Star® and LEED®, are way too costly. Even though the current upfront costs in green building are slightly higher compared to conventional home building methods, homeowners can enjoy cost savings for a considerably long period of time.

Trends in custom home building are changing and many homeowners now adopting energy efficient practices because they realize saving the resources of this planet is the most responsible thing to do.

Energy Star® – To receive certification from Energy Star®, home builders are required to meet a certain set criterion. A qualified Energy Star® partner inspects and verifies the status of the builder. According to an estimate, custom homes with an Energy Star® certification can save about 35% on energy costs.

LEED® – Leadership in energy and environmental design is a green building certification programs that have been set up by the U.S Green Building Council. The Council verifies the green design of the building, its construction, and operation. The program promotes green building practices such as reduce water and energy consumption, improve air quality as well as the building’s environmental impact.

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